Age Related Macular Degeneraton

Age Related Macular Degeneraton

AMDAMD is a condition that can affect your eyes as you get older. In fact it is the leading cause of sight loss in Ireland.

AMD affects the macula- a small part of the eye responsible for central vision which allows you to see detail. It is located in the centre of the eye and from here information is passed to the brain where it is converted into a picture of what you are seeing. This central vision allows you to read, drive etc. It usually starts in one eye and is likely to affect the other eye at a later stage.

Wet and Dry AMD
Dry AMD is the most common and it develops slowly. The exact causes are unknown but there is a definite link between smoking, high blood pressure and poor diet. Research has shown that vitamins such as MACUSHIELD can help reduce the risk of developing AMD.

Wet AMD is caused by leaky blood vessels inside the eye, it is less common (1 in 7 in Ireland with AMD) but it can cause more rapid loss of vision.

How does AMD affect vision?
The most obvious symptoms are DISTORTION and BLURRING of the central vision.

AMD 3Testing for early symptoms using The Amsler Grid 
Hold the grid at ~ 30cm in front of your eyes
Wear your reading glasses if needed
Cover one eye at a time and focus on the central dot
Check that you can see all 4 corners
If areas of the grid appear blurred, distorted you could be experiencing early signs of AMD

REMEMBER if you are over 50 and have not been to your Optician in the last 2 years you should seriously consider making an appointment now. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of AMD visit us in Sweeney’s Opticians within the next week- acting early could prevent further damage to your eyesight.

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