From the early days of purely glass lenses to the advanced materials we use now, the technology in prescription lenses is constantly improving. If you wear glasses, your lenses are the window to your world.
Today, special lens coatings improve and protect our vision in ways we could only dream of before.
Anti-reflective Coating Eliminates Lens Reflections
Have you ever noticed a bright glare on a window pane or reflective surface? If present on your glasses, reflected light can be both a distraction and a potentially dangerous obstruction to your vision. Anti-reflective coating can be applied to block reflections from the front and the back surface of your lenses. With these reflections gone, you’ll be able to see more clearly and your lenses will look nearly invisible.
Some lens materials are manufactured with anti-reflective coating by default, while others must be applied afterward. Ask your Optometrist about how to protect your new lenses from reflections.
Advanced Technology Protects Lenses from Scratches
Nothing is scratch-proof, but there are coatings to help make lenses more resistant to scratching. Lenses can be treated with a scratch-resistant coating to protect them from scuffs caused by all of life’s little mishaps. Children may especially benefit from such coatings as they are prone to accidents.
Even if your lenses have scratch-resistant coating, always be sure to maintain proper care for your glasses. Be sure to store them in a cushioned case when not in use, and always clean them with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution recommended by your optician.

UV Protection Isn’t Just for Sunglasses
We all understand how important UV protection is for our sunglasses, but this protection is just as important for our everyday lenses. Prolonged UV exposure can lead to conditions previously discussed such as macular degeneration, retinal damage, or cataracts.
Many modern lenses are built with UV protection, but others require an additional coating to ensure 100 percent of UV rays are blocked.
Blue light emitted from the sun and electronic devices such as smartphones and computer screens also pose a threat to our vision health. Looking at screens for an extensive period of time can result in digital eye strain, causing vision fatigue and sometimes annoyances like eye twitching or red eyes.
While there are a number of things you can do to gain relief from digital eye strain, lenses are available that reduce the eye’s exposure to blue light. If you look at screens extensively for work or personal use, ask your optometrist if these lenses are right for you.

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