Eye Health


Digital Retinal Camera

Enables our optometrist to screen for conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Hypertension
  • Brain Disease
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Many other Eye Diseases

Our State of the art Digital Camera provides:

  • Highest quality images
  • Allows for precise diagnosis
  • Provides clear information for patients and clinicians
  • Immediate referral to ophthalmologists + Scanned images provided



Sweeney’s Opticians are the only practice in the North West of Ireland to have a Macuscope. This instrument uses the principle of hetrochromatic light to screen
for Macular Pigment densities. This provides us with valuable information regarding
the risks of developing the most common eye disease in the western world- Macular Degeneration.

Auto – Refractor

The Auto-Refractor is a computer controlled machine used during an Eye
Examination to provide an objective measurement of a person’s Refractive
Error and Prescription for glasses or Contact lenses. This is achieved by
measuring how light is changed as it enters a person’s eye. The automated
refraction technique is quick, simple and reliable. This instrument is used to
provide the starting point for the optometrist in subjective refraction tests.
Automated Refraction is very useful when dealing with children or with
individuals who are unable to communicate verbally.


Non-Contact Tonometer

This instrument allows us to take precise measurements of the intra ocular pressures.
Elevation in Intra ocular Pressures can damage the optic nerve and result in the development of Glaucoma which can damage peripheral vision.



Slit Lamp

This high-powered microscope enables us to assess the Anterior of the Eye for conditions such as:

  • Dry Eye
  • Conjuctivitis
  • Scleritis
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Contact Lens Fit


Retinoscopy is performed by our experienced optometrist when required.
This technique is very reliable and provides an accurate estimation of refractive error.
It is used on young children and individuals who are unable to communicate verbally.


This instrument is used to take accurate measurements of the corneal
curvatures and thus the amount of corneal astigmatism present in the cornea.
These measurements are essential for the proper fitting of contact lenses.


This is a lighted instrument and one of the most important tools of the clinician.
It is used to examine the interior of the Eye including the Lens, Retina and Optic
nerve. The Opthalmoscope is used in many fields of medicine including Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), Diabetes, haematology, Neurology, Paediatrics.

Visual Field Screener

This instrument is used to measure Peripheral vision (things that you are not looking
at directly). It is important in detecting diseases such as Glaucoma, Stroke or Brain Tumour. It is a legal requirement for drivers of large vehicles to have a visual field screening assessment.



This highly specialised piece of equipment is used by our specially trained dispensing staff. This computerised instrument cuts, shapes and edges the lenses to the exact specification, and size of the chosen frame. Our on-site glazing and repair facility ensures that a faster and more efficient service is provided to all our customers.


This is an automated instrument which allows our dispensing technician to read your prescription from your existing spectacles. This enables our technicians to make up an exact copy of your glasses prescription without delay in the event of an emergency. No eye examination is necessary for this.