Glaucoma is an eye disease that is associated with a build-up of fluid within your eye. The build-up

increases the pressure in your eye and can damage the optic damage. As a result, the eyesight can be


In a healthy eye, a fluid is continuously produced bringing important nutrients and then drains away

through tiny holes called the trabecular meshwork. In a glaucomatous eye, more fluid is produced than

is removed therefore causing a buildup of pressure.

Different types of glaucoma:

Open-angle glaucoma is a common longstanding condition. It is caused by a blockage in the drainage

system and is often detected through a routine eye examination.

Angle-closure is a much rarer ‘acute’ condition. It can cause significant vision impairment in a short

amount of time if not treated. It is caused when the angle of the drainage system closes.

Secondary chronic glaucoma can be caused by a swelling or growth in the eye.

Secondary acute glaucoma can happen in people who have diabetes, cataracts, or long term steroid


Damage to your eyesight:

Glaucoma affects your peripheral vision. As it progresses blank patches appear so you can no longer see

as much or as clearly as before. If it is not detected in time, it could, in extreme cases, lead to significant

visual impairment. Thankfully with people attending for more regular eye examinations with their

Optician this is now very rare.

The good news is that although the damage already done to your eyesight cannot be repaired- with regular use of appropriate treatment (such as drops or tablets) further damage can be delayed or prevented.

glau2Early detection is the key to preventing damage to your eyesight. Your Optician will be able to detect with some routine tests such as Tonometry (a measurement of pressure), Ophthalmoscopy (to examine the back of your eyes including the optic nerve) and Visual field testing (to assess your side/peripheral vision)

If your Optometrist finds any early signs of glaucomatous changes they will then refer you to the local eye department- normally Sligo General Hospital to have Glaucoma ruled out or diagnosed by an Ophthalmic Doctor.

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