The Importance of UV Protected Sunglasses

The Importance of UV Protected Sunglasses

As with effects on the skin, the various incoming sun rays penetrate the eye to different depths. While UVB is fully absorbed by the cornea, UVA passes through these surface layers to the lens. Adverse effects of UV damage on the eye can cause; cataracts, AMD and cancer of the eye.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected at some angles off shiny surfaces such as water and snow. They also eliminate glare from a road surface when driving into the sun. The main difference between polarized lenses is that they are designed specifically to block the glare from reflected light while non-polarized lenses only block intense light.

Driving and Sunglasses:

Blinding glare caused by a low sun, or by bright light reflecting off snow, puddles, the car in front, or even your own bonnet can be potentially lethal.

Glare is frequently cited as the cause of road traffic accidents, but the right pair of sunglasses can

prevent it.

  • Have a thorough eye examination every two years to find out if you need prescription lenses
  • within your sunglasses
  • Discuss the options for sun and glare protection with your Optometrist
  • Always keep a spare pair of driving sunglasses in the car
  • Remember, the onus is on you to have good vision – failing to have your vision corrected and protected from the sun could invalidate your insurance if you are involved in a road traffic accident (Courtesy of the AA)

Skiers should take particular care in protecting their eyes. UV rays can be up to eight times more powerful on ski slopes because of the reflective properties of snow.

When choosing sunglasses choose high protection, specially designed sunglasses and look out for the CE mark, which shows they meet European safety standards. There are four categories of tint and category 4 (the darkest) would be the best in sunny conditions.

  • Choose sunglasses that block out 99 to 100 per cent of UV-A and UV-B rays.

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