Our Clinics


First Monday of Every Month
Every month a special children’s screening is held for children of school-going age. The aim of this clinic is to identify visual difficulties in children. Very often problems with vision can lead to learning outcomes in school, for example; dyslexia. Many children pass through their school years with undetected visual problems. Early intervention is key to a successful outcome.

This clinic is strictly by appointment and early booking is advised – 0719169090


First Wednesday of Every Month
A specialist Dry Eye Clinic is held at our Wine St Practice in Sligo on the first Wednesday every month.

This clinic is run by appointment and early booking is advised.


Diabetic Eye Disease screening.

In conjunction with the National Diabetic Screening programme, Retina Screen, Sweeney’s Opticians hold a special diabetic retinopathy clinic on a monthly basis. If you require further information on registering for this screening, please contact us immediately.