Standard Eyewear

Daily disposable contact lenses
Fortnightly disposable contact lenses
Monthly disposable contact lenses
Gas Permeable contact lenses
Toric contact lenses
Multi Focal contact lenses
Coloured contact lenses

Sports Eyewear

Prescription Sports eye wear – Swimming Goggles, Cycling Glasses, Ski-Goggles, Squash Goggles
Our Sports Eyewear include brands such as Bolle, Centrostyle, Cebe, Oakley sport wear.

Safety EyeWear

Bolle, StyleSafe eye wear – fitted with polycarbonate lenses.

Spectacle Lenses with added Extras:

A wide variety of lenses is now available.

The Basic single vision Cr39

The Basic single vision Cr39 lens is suitable for reading purposes or for distance vision. However an anti-reflective coating is recommended if you are a VDU user or Driver as this reduces glare.

Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses provide the user with clear vision at two ranges only, distance and close-up.

Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses provide the wearer with clear vision at all ranges from distance to close-up including intermediate vision. i.e. computer distance.

Lenses can be made in a variety of materials to reduce the thickness, weight and size and ultimately improve the optical image and overall comfort for the spectacle wearer.

Anti-glare, Anti-scratch and UV coatings

Anti-glare, Anti-scratch and UV coatings are recommended to give your eyes extra protection from glare and the sunlight in addition to giving the wearer a superior optical image. Anti-glare lenses reduces the reflections from shiny surfaces and transmit the light to the Macula of the eye where the image is formed. The nett result is a clearer and sharper image for the wearer.

Transition Photochromic plastic lenses

Transition Photochromic plastic lenses go dark when outdoors in sunlight. This photochromic element provides the wearer with protection from the UV radiation from the sunlight. Modern Transitions lighten within 3 minutes when you return indoors.

We recommend prevencia lenses . They are simply great. They look great, feel great and they provide clarity to everything. Crizal forte is also recommended as an effective anti reflective/ scratch lenses and especially transitions as the fade back of the Crizal Forte is up to 30% faster than with standard hard coated lenses.

Crizal Forte eliminates reflections from the VDU screen as well as from sunlight. They offer a genuinely superior optical image that standard uncoated lenses do not offer. Crizal Forte has been proven to show the best scratch resistance properties available.

We provide a two year guarantee against scratches- so it is a worth while investment!

We at Sweeney’s Opticians will provide you with genuine advise on the products available and we will tailor make your lenses to your specific requirements whether for work, sports and recreation or simply for style.


Contact lens Solutions/Cases/ Eye-Drops for contact lens wearers
Macushield Capsules- A Multi-Vitamin For Eye Health and recommended by ophthalmologists for the prevention of Age Relate Macular Degeneration
Omega -3 Eye Supplements for the treatment of Dry Eyes
Eye-Drops and Eye Sprays for the treatment of Dry Eyes
Wipes for the treatment of dry eyes and lid infections

Colour Overlays- for the treatment of individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia
Cleaning Sprays and Cleaning Cloths

Glasses Cases
Low vision aids- Magnifiers
Ready Reading Glasses and Chords