Eye Tests

Eye TestsAt Sweeney’s Opticians our Optometrist will carry out a comprehensive eye examination using the latest technology. A full refraction will be carried out to ascertain your spectacle or contact lens prescription. This will be followed by a very comprehensive eye health check including tests for Glaucoma , Age Related Macular Degeneration , Diabetes, Visual Fields, Colour vision defects. Very often our optometrist will recommend pupil dilation. This involves putting dilating drops into the eyes and allowing them time to react. A dilation examination enables the optometrist to view the retina at a wider angle. Our optometrist will be better placed to offer good clinical advise to each patient having viewed the retina at a much wider angle than that of an un-dilated pupil. Driving is not permitted for a number of hours when dilating drops are used.

Contact Lens Fitting and Check-Ups

Lens FittingAt Sweeney’s Opticians we supply contact lenses from Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson and many other well established manufacturers. Our optometrist will fit daily disposables, fortnightly disposables, monthly disposables, toric contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses for anyone over 40 years old who dislikes wearing reading glasses. For patients who are prone to dry eyes, we will fit Gas permeable contact lenses. There are many other options available to patients who have dry eyes. Annual Eye checkups are recommended for contact lens wearers to avoid complications.

Visual Display Unit Screening – VDU – Corporate Screening

VDU ScreenAt Sweeney’s Opticians we carry out VDU screening for our corporate clients who are working with VDU screens. We will also come to your workplace to carry out the screening. We at Sweeney’s Opticians carry out all our eye-tests in line with the optical safety standards set out by the EU. We will dispense all optical safety eye wear which are EU standard compliant.

Colour Vision and Visual Field Screening

Colour VisionSince the introduction of recent legislation for group 2 Drivers, visual field screening and colour vision assessment must be carried out on all patients seeking a group 2 Driving Licence.


repairOur in-house glazing and repair workshop enables our technicians to complete a repair while you wait. In some cases it may not be possible to repair the optical appliance immediately. However, we will endeavour to complete all repairs as quickly as possible.

Optical Benefits & Your Entitlements & Form Filling

hse-ssUnder the Health Care Service, patients who have a medical card will be entitled to a full eye examination and glasses for distance and reading every two years. Our optical assistants will complete your application on your behalf for full approval by the HSE. An appointment will then be arranged when approval is given by the HSE. Under the Department of Social and Family Affairs, employees paying the full rate of PRSI are entitled to a complete eye examination every two years. We at Sweeney’s Opticians will complete all applications and full approval will be obtained while you wait.

Eye Tests In Your Home

Cute CoupleSweeney’s Opticians have a long tradition of providing a valuable service to all patients throughout the North West. For those patients who are unable to travel or who are house bound, we will do an eye-test at your place of residence. Just contact us at our clinic in Sligo and we will do the rest.